A full range of development related traffic and transport planning and infrastructure design services are on offer. The input can be provided at any stage of the project from initial scheme concept through to realisation.

A significant proportion of ETC's international project work relates to the preparation of concept layouts and designs for development schemes for which input is provided on external traffic, access and internal circulation and parking/servicing related matters. Coordination with the architect during this stage is often very close in order to ensure that the resultant scheme meets the client brief as closely as possible. Once the scheme is approved and frozen then ETC are normally retained to liaise with the local design teams and monitor and review the scheme as it progresses through the Permitting Process.
Clients benefit significantly from this approach, as from an early stage they obtain a very clear indication as to how their schemes should be arranged from a traffic and parking standpoint. Importantly, they can be confident that the resultant scheme concept is feasible and can then be progressed by their local teams who are best placed to obtain the necessary approvals.

At the same time, ETC are also extensively involved on schemes throughout the planning and implementation process, either in relation to overall development projects involving traffic and parking elements, or freestanding traffic or transport related projects.